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 Romaji Clan Jutsus

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Croc Wanizame
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Admin/Legendary Shark master/webmaster/Mist Kage/
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PostSubject: Romaji Clan Jutsus   Romaji Clan Jutsus Icon_minitimeSat Apr 05, 2008 10:19 am

the type of gem 4 ea jutsu changes depending on the usres gem that manipulatio but that have the same abilities just ther gem version

Diamond blade jutsu
effects: turns right arm into a diamon blade

Diamond sheild jutsu
effects: turns left arm into a diamond sheild

Diamond pillars mirage jutsu
effects: 5 pillars made of diamond pop out of the ground

Diamond spear jutsu
effects: Summons a spear made od diamond that is throwen at the foe

Diamond Needles mirage jutsu
effects: sends 10 needles made of diamond at the foe

diamond tail jutsu
charka:100 for a tail 2-4, feet 200 for a tail 5-7, 350 for a 8-10
requirements: romaji clan member
effects: create a tail made of diamond that can deflect anything, also can help to lift ppl above the ground , and it can go under ground, only be destroyed by an expolsive note.

diamond wave jutsu
rank: jonin
charka: 350
requirements: romaji clan member, scroll
effects: a bunch of diamonds broken up creating a wave that stads ppl as they get hit by it meanwhile the user is riding on it

Double Diamond Snake Jutsu
Requirements: members of the romaji clan
Rank: chunin
Chakra: 1000 cp
Effects: summons two diamond snakes that wraps around the oppoents ankles and digs its teeth into the ground basically binding the person to the ground

Secret Jutsu:Diamond Dragon Creation Jutsu
effects: user turns into a diamond dragon

Diamond wing creation jutsu
rank genin
Charka 40
Requirements a romajin clan member
Effect wings made of diamond spourt from the users back allowing him to fly

Secret Jutsu: twin headed Diamond Dragon Creation Jutsu
requirements: romaji clan member and 2 chunin or higher
effects: users combine into a twin headed diamond dragon

diamond snake jutsu
rank: jonin
requirements: romaji clan member
effects: transformes user into a giant snake with big teeth that can bit throught almost everything and also the tail can wrap around someone almost killing them and or braking bones

Secret Jutsu:Tri-HeadedDiamond Dragon Creation Jutsu
effects: users combine into a Three headed dragon diamond dragon
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Romaji Clan Jutsus
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