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 subeta clan jutsus

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Croc Wanizame
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Admin/Legendary Shark master/webmaster/Mist Kage/
Croc Wanizame

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subeta clan jutsus Left_bar_bleue9223372036854775807/9223372036854775807subeta clan jutsus Empty_bar_bleue  (9223372036854775807/9223372036854775807)
Jutsus list:

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PostSubject: subeta clan jutsus   subeta clan jutsus Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 8:41 am

genin ranked
Triple blade art: triangle blast
rank genin
requirements 3 blades
effects the 3 blades r aligned 2 make a triangle than glows and blats the foe w/ a triangle blast this is the 1 form of blade blast

blade art : twin blade dance
rank genin
requirements 2 blades
effect users makes a twin blades swing around quickly then sends foe in the air than slash foe down 2 the ground

dancing twin earth blades
2 blades/ subeta clan/ earth charka
user sends twin blades in2 the earth than has them spin underground than come out of the earth w/ the collected earth n atk the foe (when it does this is looks like the blade r dancing when they atk)

chunin ranked
Blade Art: 5 star blade sheild
rank chunin
requirements 5 blades
effect user aligns blades in2 a 5-pionted star shape than glows making a sheild that protects user from frontal atks this is best against long range atks

blade art: Hex-blast of destruction
rank chunin
requirements 6 blades
effect the blades align in2 a hexagon shape than blast an atk that is twice as strong as the triangle blade blast

blade dance of the moon
subeta clan jutsu (5-16 blades)
user sends blades at the foe in the shape of the moon then it glows bright that can blind the emeny 4 2 posts
the user can follow this up w/ any type of battle style w/ the blades
this technique works best under the moon

jonin ranked jutsus below

Ninjutsu art: 16 blade blast of destruction
rank jonin
requirements 16 blades
effects users 16 blades algin 2 from a star w/ a circle around than blades glow from users charka than blasts the foe w/ a powerful blast

(wind)16 blade art : blade tornado jutsu
rank jonin
charka 400
effects 16 blades start spinning really fast making like a tornado of blades

(depends on users 2 elements) secret blade art: blade blast of the elements
rank: jonin
requiement 16 blades any 1 to 2 type of charka nature
effect blades align in2 a sphere shape user focuses the charka nature in2 the blades than it glows brightly color depends on users element(s)
the atk is strong enough 2 take out 1/2 of a large training area but this can only b used once a fite
drawback takes up alot of charka 2 use

meteor blades
rank jonin
transforms users blades into blades made of meteor materials making them harder n stronger than normal blades

secret summoning jutsu: blade dragon
rank jonin
requirements contract scroll and 16 blades
effects summons up a dragon w/ wings that r hard as refined steel and uses them as blade these dragons can also transform in2 blades as well
the bigger the dragon the stronger the blade
ea jonin member of the clan can have up 2 4 blade dragons and no more
but can only summon 1 blade dragon at a time
ea dragon has different abilities
they can also fire blades from ther mouths
when the dragon is summoned users 16 blades r used 2 summon it along w/ the blood
appearnace of the 1s i use
1. subeta clan jutsus DarkDragon-1(atk dragon)
2. subeta clan jutsus Blue-EyesWhiteMetalDragon(speed dragon)
3. subeta clan jutsus MetalDragon(defense/tank dragon)
4. subeta clan jutsus Dorugoramon(balance type/king of blade dragons)
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subeta clan jutsus
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